Buttons McGoo

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So, i've had many interesting convos lately.
I'm working on homework----- wearing just my underwear cuz i'm home alone. I know you don't need to know that but well i figure i'm home along i gotta take advantage of it!
I have no clue what i'm having for dinner- probably something easy cuz i don't feel like cooking.
I just finished watching Ellen.

The Shock lost yesterday (i'm not sure if i've already put this in another blog so here it is again). They lost the championship game to Phoenix. I'm a little depressed about it but it's just a game.

My sister sent me a birthday card adressed to Buttons McGoo. It was weird. Iwas an ellen one. It took me forever to figure out who it was from cuz the signature was weird and there was no return adress.

that's all for now i'm tired.


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"interesting convos", hey?
and exactly WHOM were these alleged convos with???
(as ur secret lesbian-lover-girl, i am getting kinda suspicious/jealous).
yay for doing homework in ur panties! when i'm home alone, i try to wear as little clothing as possible. :o)

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Maybe you being jealous is a

Maybe you being jealous is a good thing *wink*wink*
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~