Butts and stress

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When I was standing outside the math classroom today, waiting to be let in, this girl in front of me, whose butt I have been ogling for the past few weeks, leaned down to grab her stuff, which she had put down on the floor. When she did this, her butt brushed up against my thigh. Wow, I actually got to touch that butt...even if it wasn't with my hands. *drools* To the gay guys on here: I am truly, truly sorry for grossing you out with my description of chick butt. :D I am so weird.

Yeah, there are a few hot girls in my grade this year, which is really, really nice. I love having eye candy. Who doesn't? There's this tall, blonde, full-bodied girl in my grade who's of Russian descent with these amazing blue eyes. She is so gorgeous. I barely know her, but man oh man, is she hot. I actually came out to her in sixth grade one time. We were talking on the track with this other girl, and she asked me if I had a crush on anyone, and I (very hesistantly) told her that I liked girls. The other girl asked me how I "turned gay." >.< After that confession, we kind of stopped speaking. I don't know why, really.

But enough about that. Let's talk about more HOTTIES! :D School may be pretty mediocre for the most part, but seeing gorgeous girls really brightens up my day.

Okay, enough being hormonal. I have this thing I'd really like advice about, or at least reassurance (because it's hard to give advice about this sort of thing). I wrote about it in a past journal entry, but no one responded to that part of it. (I guess I'm not surprised. The entry was really long.) I'm going to copy and paste what I wrote in there here, because I don't want to type it up again.

I am the oldest of four kids, and my family has two dogs and five cats. (My mom's friend found three stray kittens and their mother in her backyard, and we sort of adopted them. I also had one cat before we got them.) My parents are thinking about getting two more kids. See, my dad's half-sister (would that make her my half-aunt?) has two kids, and they're going to be taken by the state soon. She's asked my parents if they can take care of her children. It's crazy! There are six people, including my parents, and seven animals in the house already! How can we take two more? Yeah, we have a big house. (It has to be, considering everything.) But we'll have to work in order to find space for two more people.

My parents are still considering things, but it's still a really, really scary thought. Aaaaaaah! Help me!

That was a little while ago. Now I know that, if my aunt is found guilty of her charges (for endangerment to a child) then her kids, a boy and a girl, are going to come to live with us next Wednesday. My parents think it's highly likely she'll be found guilty. Hopefully, this whole thing will only last for a couple of years (or so they say), and then my aunt will get her life back together and be considered fit to raise these kids. However, they say that that's not very likely to happen, and that this could be a lifelong deal for us.

My three younger siblings are excited. They love the idea of having two more kids to play with. Me? I know it's going to be freaking crazy. SIX KIDS IN THE HOUSE?? SIX KIDS?? Two of which have been raised by an unfit parent and are probably going to be missing their mom like crazy? Plus, the boy has Asperger's Syndrome. I don't know much about it, but I do know that it's compared with autism, and involves being emotionally and socially disabled, not to mention being physically clumsy. I want to be supportive of this kid, but it's probably going to be weird living with him.

Is my home life going to turn into my username? I hope not, but it probably will. I've been depressed lately, which isn't exactly enjoyable. I suffer from clinical depression, but I take my meds every day, so this is probably the result of what's been happening lately. Oy.

I need to go play guitar or exercise or something. Or do homework. ANYTHING to take my mind off of this!

Ugh, I can't believe this is actually happening.


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Holy shit...

Yikes. That sounds in the un-fun. I'm sorry, that's sucky. But even if you end up with large amounts of people in your house, you'll deal. We're all here for you. Just take it one day at a time, breathe, and watch the first 10 minutes of Seeing Red and the ice cream truck scene in Restless and the last few minutes of New Moon Rising as many times as you need to. Focus on beautiful women! And, er, be cautious with your internet history. XDD

Seriously, though, that sounds like it'll be tough. But it will work out eventually. And congrats on the eye candy. Any chance any of them are gay? (If not, don't worry, national coming out day is in a month!) Go play guitar. Or something. Or look at creepy Buffy fics with fucked up pairings. ^^

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i commend you...

for your appreciation of a girl's bum. it's a beautiful thing! i appreciate it too... and there's no shame in that!
LOLz. XD... i know ur still young n' innocent, but just wait until u start hooking up with chicks, and u actually get to touch their bum with *ur very own hands* LOLz... i can already tell that *someone* is gunna be into spanking... :-O