Canadian high school goes pink for good cause

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That is so cool

I would be so happy if I were the kid. Minus the whole getting bullied thing, having half of your school rally around you sounds like a heck of a welcome into high school. If anyone meets the two seinors who got the pink shirts be sure to thank them for me

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That is really great! People

That is really great! People finally seems to be quite more conscious of the damage they can cause...and, you know, being tolerant is not enough -that's passivity-, being supportive, that's being active.

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That's incredible. It's

That's incredible.
It's awesome to know that there are kids (well, teenagers, they're older than me, haha) standing up and speaking out against bullying and discrimination.

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Thats awesome.

Those people who stood up for the kid deserve an award or something.

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That's FANTASTIC. I just

That's FANTASTIC. I just regained my faith in the human race. YESS!

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WOW. A bunch of straight guys did this? This is so awesome!

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Go Canada! And who said

Go Canada! And who said anything about them being straight? :P Gotta love pro-gay straight guys though, yippee!

You're Amazing.

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Gives me hope that things

Gives me hope that things might get better.... or if all else fails, we can just revolt and join canadadia

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thats cute

i dont have anything pink, although i write with a neon pink pen, but thats almost out, so i'm switching to purple, then probably neon grean. I've gotten some odd looks for that, but senior year is what doing crazy stuff is for.

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