Considered getting back together

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After an early morning and classes, I ended up going out with Jesse tonight for some reason. I took her to some hole in the wall record store,since she's into that stuff, then we back to her house. We hung out as usual and had free roam of the house since everybody else was out to some dinner. I finally talked to her about just what exactly was going on between us since she wouldn't bring it up. She said we were just having some innocent fun(yeah fun that includes making out w/ur ex). I could tell she didn't want to really talk about it cause she kept trying to kiss me. So I just gave in and kissed her since I wasn't going to get her to talk to me.

Afterawhile she told me what had been going on with her since we broke up. She said that she hooked up with a couple girls,got into some stuff,and completely stop drawing.Said she was too busy partying with different girls and that she gets now why I was soo hurt by her cheating on me. And that she is a different person now and believes that I should give her another chance. I told her I would think about it and reminded her of how much she put me through. And that if we did get back together,our relationship wouldn't be so intense! (I have to be able function without her)


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I just hope she doesn't hurt you again if you give her a second chance, be careful but good luck!