Day two...

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Exhaustion much? Swim meet went well, we took 2nd out of 7 teams. Go us.

So so so much drama with teenage girls. And I'm capitan, so I have to deal with it.

So I'm gunna answer questions about my last post...

When I say free, I mean front crawl. When I say 500, I mean torture.

I pick on the freshman because I can. As a large group, they're annoying. They eat all the food in the Caf. and they crowd the hallways. And I am not afraid of some 5'9 freshman because none of them exist at my school. And considering that I'm a sneeze away from being over 6 ft tall, I'm not too worried.

School sucks. But only because I've got school from 7:25 until 2:10 and then I've got swim practice until 4:30. It's a long long time before I go home...

Exhausted. Going to bed before it's even dark out.