DBT, Life and running away

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My psychiatrist decided that my current therapy is not working and I should switch. Because it's SO obvious it's not the medication. Whatever. Fine.
I'm supposed to go to DBT which is Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. I have a friend who goes. She told me it was Diabolical Behavioral Therapy. By accident. Freudian slip?

School is going okay. From my English class I have learned 3 three things:

1) The CIA killed Marilyn Monroe and JFK to cover up their affair
2) Yeshiva kids are sometimes rude
3) Guys don't have eating disorders

And for AP US History I get to do an ABC book. So much fun. What is an ABC book you ask? Well, I will gladly tell you! For each letter of the alphabet I have to pick a word that relates to the American Revolution and write a paragraph about it and have pretty pictures and make it very beautiful and creative. Now I have one month to find and report on 26 topics about the American Revolution. Two years ago I had to do one on Islam. This is not fun. At all.

I have a good friend (whom I used to date a long time ago) who has been having a lot of trouble at home (actually everywhere) recently. Nobody's heard from him in 3 days. He's either run away or has the flu. Nobody is answering at his house. He doesn't have a cell phone. It's scary. Hopefully I will know soon what is really going on.

Happy Sukkot!

EDIT: My friend didn't run away. He's in treatment. Good.