Did anyone choose to be straight?

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This is sort of a question that sprouted from reading my other thread. Has anyone here tried to be straight? And really wished and wanted to be straight and thought "I AM straight" you know, something a long those lines. I'm happy with myself now, but I got to tell you, I would of killed to be straight a bit ago.

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Sort of..Not?

I think I subconciously wished it to be true, and when that didn't work. I just ended up coming with the answer, that I'm sexual.
If you are a woman, or a man, and I find myself liking you, it doesn't matter to me what gender you are, unless of course you are a straight girl..

Then I -might- be a little disheartened..

I've been with both, so I can pass off as being straight if I want to, but nearly all my close friends back home knew I wasn't..

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Have I ever actively tried? No.

I suppose that the time I realized I wasn't straight just happened before I ever had the inclination to want to be. Straight, that is.

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i remember trying to

i remember trying to convince myself i was straight... that sure worked...not. haha.

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Lots of people...

Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, etc., etc.


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I tried, I really did. I

I tried, I really did. I dated girls, kissed them, prayed to God, all in an attempt to turn straight. Nothing worked. You can't choose your sexuality, you can only choose how you perceive and accept it.

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There are times when I wish

There are times when I wish I was straight. But it's usually after a heatbreak and then it's only because I'm under some sort of delusion that straight people don't get heart broken. But I'm happy with who I am. I can choose to go both ways, but I love women...

Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask about your weekend.
- I had a GREAT time with...them.
Yay, now they don't think you're queer, just a slut!

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I tried SO hard to be

I tried SO hard to be straight.... I made out with guys and came pretty close to sleeping with, but just couldn't do it. I was definitely not happy while i was trying because it only brought failure. I've accepted that I am gay now though, but sometimes I still wish I was straight.

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i fergot to used this lol ups... anyways yeah whent i started to like girls and i knew it, well i just to cry cuz i dirint whant it, so in that time i whanted to b straight and i traid to be straight but is imposible i like girls and theres nothing i cud do with that, but now i like it and i injoy it so i'm happy.

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well, i had a girlfriend when i started questining my sexuality, wich was my freshman year, and we broke up because i did pay any attention to her..i wonder why? lol, but i never really wanted her aas a girlfriend, i just thought thats what a guy is suposed to do, until i realized why i didnt want a girlfriend

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I convinced my classmates

I acted like I was sooo into guys all through high school,eventhough I wasn't really. And if anyone questioned me I'd chew them out. So all through school I was straight, flirty,and shy around guys,when I secretly was dating a girl! I guess my friends that suspect me just say "Ur testing the waters it okay,just remember to get back on our boat"

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lie back and think of england...

Oh I made an effort, but I wasn't cut out for it. I remember looking very intently at the posters in Sugar magazine in a sort of mind over matter thing. It didn't stick.

I was bi for anout two seconds when I was 15, but I don't remember on what grounds. All it took was a couple of malcoordinated fumbles at a Lauren's birthday party at the rubgy club, to release I really wasn't into that sort of thing at all. I'm saving myself for AA Gill.

Then again I'm probably the type of person who hits the dark side of thirty, has a crisis of fertility, marries a nice sort of man who works in accounts and has some hasty IVF babies. Turncoat.

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Yep I gave being straight a damn good try,throughout most of my teenage years.I sort of thought if I kept trying,and pretending to like guys I would eventually.I remember staring at a huge poster of David Boreanaz that I had hanging in my room and telling myself if I kept trying I might start fancying him.
Then as I got older I tried accepting being gay a little bit,but only when I was by myself.When I was surrounded by my peers and friends I would think of myself as being gay and feel so ashamed that I would tell myself to forget this rubbish of being gay that I would be straight.
Clearly none of this worked though.

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OMG!!!! I USED DAVID BOREANAZ TO TRY TO BE STRAIGHT TOO!!! I mean, I find him slightly attractive, because I'm somewhere around a kinsey 5 or 5.5, but still, omg! xD

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Oh my actual God, so did I.

Oh my actual God, so did I. Poster special in sugar magazine- I sat there and stared at it for ages. I was pretty close to fancying him as well.

David Boreanaz- should someone write and tell him?

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hate to sound like i'm jumpin' on the bandwagon...

but i, too, felt guilty for not having a crush on mr. boreanaz...
when i watched buffy, i was always wayyy more into buffy... not angel.
but i pretended i was watching it for angel.

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Psh. I was there for

Psh. I was there for Willow/Tara and for FAITH. OMGZ FAITH HOTNESS!

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
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Who hasn't wished they were

Who hasn't wished they were straight? I usually am okay with who I am, but I get these periods of fucking wishing I was straight. Arg. I've tried staring at guys and making myself want penis, and... meh. Just meh. Penis is icky. Yeah. Doesn't work.

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
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not really..

A long time ago.. I was in denial and I acted straight, talked about guys etc. Sometimes I'd try and trick myself into finding guys attractive. But I never tried to be with guys because I think I got over the 'trying to be straight' phase pretty quick, I knew sexuality is something you can't change. I knew I was gay, I'd just join in with guy-talk to cover my ass because I was scared.. I'm pretty sure some people saw through that anyway... (I feel kind of stupid and sorta regret doing that in the past) but yay for not having to do that anymore :]

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Well, being Trans, I don't think I even really qualify... as gay/lez, I mean.

When I first started liking girls, I sorta panicked. Yeah, I liked my best friend and that made it really difficult. So did the few gay-jokes that I'd heard amongst the group. I opted to not say a word and try to get over it, then...well life turned upside down and here I am today. Not lez, but Trans! And I'm pretty sure I tried not to be Trans...not very hard though. It was depressing. You cannot fight your own nature very long without breaking yourself. So now I am me.

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I am not going to lie. For

I am not going to lie. For the longest time i didn't know what i was, i didn't know that gay was even possible. I told myself I liked boys, because i was supposed to. I had a couple boyfriends who i did some things with that i deeply regret, but because I thought i was supposed to. I figured out what gay was and i would walk behind girls not knowing where to look, telling myself, oh no, what if someone thinks i am gay. I was hypnotized my freshman year and was told to imagine i was on a beach and there was a hot girl/guy walking (there was a large mixed group being hypnotized) and at first i pictured a hot girl, then became somewhat conscous of what i was imagining in my subconscience, and told myself it was a boy i was picturing. I told myself i wasn't gay, i wanted to be straight, but you know what, now i am soooo happy that i am a lesbian, that i am not straight. Boys are iky anyways.

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I used to a few years

I used to a few years back...but then again,I am actually more bisexual then really all out gay lol.It was more of a big deal to other people then it was to me..though their reactions to me and whom I was was what effected me most back then.In a way I let them get to me and bother me,allowing them to conform me and my identity to fit their standards and norms..which is obviously BS because their way of putting me down and so forth because of my sexuality was just another way for them to control and have power over me..well,no more.I saw it for what it is now and since being wiser then before..I no longer care what people think. I used to want to be straight..but then again,what's the point? if I was meant to be,it shouldn't take so much effort..it should happen naturally...not forcefully..