Do You Pray to a Higher Power (i.e. 'God')?

31% (4 votes)
69% (9 votes)
Total votes: 13


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I didn't want to poll to see

I didn't want to poll to see if people believed in a higher power exactly, this might have some interesting responses since you can believe and not pray or not pray and believe...

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i pray when i panic, but i'm officially agnostic.

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Nope no praying for me. No

Nope no praying for me.
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Well, technically,

Well, technically, Goddess...
Yeah. Wicca rules. Even if there are only two of us in my coven.

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I don't pray... I can get

I don't pray... I can get kinda spiritual at times but I generally don't believe in a god. I don't 100% rule out the posibility, but I don't actively worship.

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You should've put a

You should've put a 'sometimes' option. I usually don't pray unless I'm scared or worried about someone/something.

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official atheist. I tend to

official atheist. I tend to think I am more reliable than everything/everyone else, even a god, if there was one.

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I'm an athiest, though I use

I'm an athiest, though I use expressions with god in them out of habbit.

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Officially, I'm wiccan, so

Officially, I'm wiccan, so yes, I've been know to randomly spout things to the God/dess/Spirt. It's usually when I'm worried or stressed or I know that something bad is about to happen. I'll shout at god on occasion but only for comedic effect...WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?! And such...Never a serious this...

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