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Today I called my ex for the first time since I moved. It was soooo weird trying to make conversation with her over the phone, I think its from the fact that when I left we were on shaky ground. I mean can one ever forgive their ex for cheating on them during their entire relationship, right under my nose at that. We were on the phone maybe 20mins and all we managed to talk about was school and that she is coming to town next week for a family thing..since she is of course from here.

So today I went to starbucks,and I'm not gonna lie and say that I ordered a mocha whatever cuz I don't drink coffee. I actually ordered my usual tall hot chocolate.I also found my way around town just enough to get to the local mall and back home without getting lost.

I walked right into some girl when I was leaving Albertsons,she was cute. I apologized,she apologized for me being so self-involved that I didn't notice that I was walking kinda crossways and ran into her. She told me that I wasn't in her way,but that she had walked directly into my path on purpose because I was looking down at my phone and not up at her. I guess thats one way to grab someone's attention.

Then tonight I was caught staring at some girl while sitting at starbucks with a fellow student. I tried to play it off like I hadn't been staring at for 30mins. She and her friend came over and sat down with us for a while...then we went our separate ways possibly to never see each other again......oh how sad, but I don't need any girl problems right now! Its just another day here in Dullsville