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Should watch this.
It's inspirational, heartening, and damn catchy, and to say anything else just wouldn't seem adequate.


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fo shizzlez :-D

i've actually seen this before (cuz someone on this site linked to it in one of the forums a while back), but yeah it's definetely awesome!
how CUTE is that boy? he must be what, no more than 12 years old? yet sooo talented.
i dunno where this was broadcast from. Germany, Holland, Sweden or something? anyway, Europe is SO light-years ahead of the U.S. in terms of how accepting they are of same-sex parenting. Like, u would NEVER see anything like this broadcast in the U.S. i know there is some kind of Rosie O Donell cruise for gay parents and their kids, but come on, how lame is that? This video was SO much cooler, it was like *Skewl of Rock*, but about gay equality! even the kids in this video are cooler than American kids- did u see that little boy with the neon-orange mohawk, and the girl with red and blue hair? LOLz.

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Yeah, I've seen this before

Yeah, I've seen this before too. But it didn't get any less cute. :3

He has two really proud fathers now apparently. I wish they could have stuff like this in the US. But a lot of places don't even let same-sex couples adopt or get married or any of that..

Yeah, my state, is going to have Civil Unions in January. That's not marriage, and it has a lot less benefits and things than marriage. And I'm reading about it and I'm like "What is this? Some kind of a compromise? You can't compromise about equality like that. Because that's not equality at all."

But yeah. Really cute video. :3

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I completely agree, they

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I completely agree, they

I completely agree, they don't have this kind of acceptance in Australia either, it suckss :(

Oh, and I'm proud to say that this is from Holland!!!
My half-heritage!!! :D
Gosh, I love the Dutch ^_^

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Seen it before, but still SO

Seen it before, but still SO SWEET!!!! w00t for Europe (they've so kicked our asses.... BUT WE CAN NUKE THE BASTARDS! YEE-HAW! Gee, don't you love America? -_- )

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this is so cute!!! i wish

this is so cute!!!

i wish they'd show stuff like this in the states. :/ we're sooo LAME!!

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I love this.. i saw it

I love this.. i saw it awhile ago someone posted it and it went around this site for awhile.
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*attackglomps video*


It brought tears to my eyes. Why can't they have stuff like this in America? I'd actually enjoy watching shows besides crime shows.

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