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So yesterday was my first day of school. Today would have been my second, but no i'm too lucky for that. It's 7:37AM normaly i'd be getting up, getting ready and leaving but not today. Today is a fog day. When there is too much fog and visibility is low we get a fog day cuz it's kinda a rural area so fog just kinds sits and stretches for kilometers.
I'm rather happy since i woke up with a headache, my allergies driving me insane, and a leg cramp.

In other news the Detroit Shock made it to the finals. On Monday they won against Indiana which made them Eastern Confrence Champions. Today is game 1 of the FINALS! It's played in detroit because we have homecourt advantage. Then we play again at home on Saturday. Then we play at least once in Phoenix. It's best out of 5 so say if we sweep then we will win in Phoenix. If it goes to 5 games the last one is played in detroit.
that's all for now