Freakin Pissed off!!!

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My dad is such a self centered, arrogant jerk sometimes! Okay, so, I'm making an effort to eat dinner with my folks, and socialize a bit, cause I've been completely ignoring them, and all that shit. Now I remember why I started staying away from my dad in the first place!

Okay, he's a big guy. Not huge, but he takes up space. And he has issues with it, so when I take a step back from him, cause he's in MY space, he gets totally upset. It's so friggin annoying! I'm like "Dude, you're half a foot taller than me, and weigh twice as much. Sorry if I dont' want you standing 6 inches away from me."

I have my own issues with my personal space bubble. I like lots of space. I'm short, that's part of it, and I like to be able to move if I have to. I get really clausterphobic when I surrounded by people. But he's so freakin self centered that he hasn't figured out that it's not HIM that I'm objecting to, it's EVERYONE in my personal space! Jesus!

So, that's one problem. The other is that he 'always right'. Seriously, he's always frigging right. Except when he's not. But even then, he's still right. God, he drives me crazy!

And how he eats! He's a freakin pig! Chews with his mouth open (which goes way beyond getting on my nerves...but that's another story), stuffs his mouth, eats twice as much as everyone else, in half the time! He's not a slob, he's just a gross eater. And every time I bring it up with him, he gets so pissed off, cause he thinks that I'm...I dunno, challanging him or something. He takes everything so personally! Jeez. It's like, "Dude, I yell at all of my friends for chewing with their mouths open, not just you." But he just doesn't get it.

And every little thing that I do is judged. Every time I put my headphones on, and every time I pull my book out, it's because I don't want to be around him. Well, according to him anyway. Every time I put my hat on, or take a fucking breath, it's about him. Get a life! I want to scream at him. Get a fucking clue!!!

God, he pisses me off to no end. We get on eachothers nerves so much. It's not that I don't love him, or that we can't have fun together, he just pisses me off sometimes. And he gets soooooooooooo ofended when I don't want to spend time with him. Or if I don't want to watch a movie with him and my mom, he takes it as if I'm saying "I hate you and everything you stand for; I'm moving out."

He's so insecure. He's freaking out that I'm going to be moving out sometime in the next two years; he's freaking out that I've got my permit (which I don't really want). It's like half the time he wants me to be his little baby again, and the other half of the time, he expects me to be 30.


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It really sucks that your dad takes everything so personally. I know that would certainly drive me nuts. I sure hope he gets more bearable--and SOON.

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