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So excited!

I've been acting like a freakin' freak all week!
I went to school with shrek ears on and massive glasses (it made me look like a frog, or an insect) and, to make it weirder, I ran around all morning with a light saber, making all the sounds and stuff.

I then continued to wear the ears all day, got threatened with a detention for wearing them, took them off, and put them right back on :P

Today, I stood behind the doors of classrooms, and when people walked in, I blew bubbles everywhere and said "WECOME, TO THE ROOM"!
Then after that got boring I walked through the corridoors blowing bubbles and welcoming people to the corridoor.

Then at lunchtime, we were sitting inside a tunnel/walkway thing (me, jess and christine)
and when people we know walked past, I grabbed onto their leg and hissed like an incredibley angry cat, I don't really know why, lol :D

Tomorrow I'm going to get post-it notes and write "I'M GAY" on them and stick them on my own back.
I wonder if people will tell me that theyre on there, if they do I'll just smile casually and say "I know :)" and see how they react, lol.

Me and Andrea (my ex-girlfriend whos now in a 6month relationship with my friend, aka my girlfriends ex girlfriend, lol, wow O_O) well, we're going to run through/across the basketball courts at lunchtime (aka infront of about 300-400 girls) weilding either lightsabers or swords+shield, and some kind of costume (I'm wearing a big rainbow hat :D) and we're going to have a massive duel in the middle of the courts.

Because my school is SOOOOOO BORING!
NOTHING ever happens. I just wanna see peoples reaction, LOL.
And I'm getting one of my other friends to record it on camera.
I can't wait :D
It's gonna be great :D:D:D


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I wish there were people

I wish there were people like you at my school. Where I go isn't all that exciting either and I don't see myself running around with a light saber and a costume.

(I'd like to be welcomed into a class or corridor with bubbles...)