Fun Day

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I had a fun day today! At one point of the day, my friend commented on two guys out of a row ahead of us who were talking and I could tell they were gay but they also happened to be from a Catholic school. Well whatever.

Anyway, their voices were stereotypical gay types, neither appeared anything special and I'm SADDENED to say they both seemed very stupid even though I only spoke and heard from them for less than 10 minutes.

So what my friend said was that 'Those two are SOOOOOOOO flaming gay! Did you see the one guy was on his phone fixing his hair *imitates it* and the other guy was like, 'No, this is how you do it' and did it for him? They're not even hot or dressed nice!'

So I really did laugh, and it was funny because it was true even though I didn't see them doing the first bit... but then a second or two later I picked up on the usage of the word 'flaming' and I did a mental :(

My friend says she has a gay uncle and I wouldn't have said she's against gays and I don't think she is... but after getting her to joke some more about the guys (which may have hurt what would be sought but shh) I figure she thinks gays are stereotypical womens' best friends and always joking and literally always laughable.


Still, it was a fun day and we were with the same guys again towards the end of the day and analyzing pictures and there was one of a guy with long hair and one of the likely gays called him a tranny and we all laughed but my friend and I looked at each other with the inside-joke glance and laughed some more.

So I'm even more hmmmming about it since my friend is no where near moron status but seems to not think I'm gay at all, she would be in my top 3 people to come out to within 3 months so yeaaaaaaaah.

In other words, Nelly Furtado's song with Do it like you do it to me going through it has been stuck in my mind since midday. I don't like it at ALL aside from that part, which may be why the whole thing is in my head.

I said hi to my crush today and we made meaningful eye contact for 5 seconds when we SHOULD have just glanced and walked by within 2 secs so yay. He smiled so nicely (and I'm a lot less hung up about the teeth thing now for sure, and I have noticed he smiles with his lips and covers his teeth just fine so hurray for that) and the eye contact was so mmmmm luscious that I wanted to give him a squeeze in the hallway and kiss him on the cheek and come home and tell you about it. Yay for you reading!


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Heh congrats on eye contact.

Heh congrats on eye contact. It's a step ^^

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Thanks! Hopefully more

Thanks! Hopefully more steps on the way :)

You're Amazing.