Getting Bigger

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Hey, I'm a 21 yr old future ftm (maybe) tomboi lesbian. I want to start working out so I can have arms like a well built boy, but the trouble is I'm very thin. I'm not like really thin, but I'm pretty thin. I'm 6'3" tall and weigh about 150lbs to give an idea. I have a very androgynous build and I get told way tooo often that I look like Shane from the L Word (it wierds me out bcuz I'm ways shy and she's wayyy not). ANyway should I implement a special diet or anything?

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if you wanta work out you hafta eat carbs& drink lotsa water

if you want have firm muscles (talk about biceps and abs and chicken legs-chicken legs look nice :D), you gotta work out, and consequently put on more carbs than your daily intake.

and don't "over exercise", meaning you have to start from the easiest/lightest dumbbells if you'll do weight lifting, low-impact footworks (that means both feet are on the ground) if you'll do aerobics, and basic crunches first before doing high-impact footworks, full push-ups and other exercises like that. and also take note that as you work out, your aerobic capacity gets bigger so try not to smoke or go near people smoking as it will harm your lungs twice faster.

i work out too, so if you have a question or two, feel free to ask me :D

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