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So I tried posting last night but got the spam message that looked all pretty and pink in the box with a red border... it really did look appealing!

For the past several days I've had this song going through my head, wooooo, I'm such a sad pop addict sometimes:

I found out about a GSA/GLBT group for my regional area yesterday and am wondering if they'll put on their website when they have meetings so I could check one out before the end of my school year.

No crush news except we both missed each other on friday, hopefully I can convince him to trip and fall for me on Monday. Or before New Years. Haha!

What do you think of people who don't act their age? Should we not revel in our current age, since it won't ever happen for us again? Is it bad to imitate an adult or dive obscenely into childhood? I think 'yes' a lot of the time, but what makes the distinction? Do some people consider kids using large words to be adult-imitators? Where is the line between maturity and pathetic imitation? Maybe I'm just sick of some people in my grade trying to be adults and not being capable of pulling it off, at ALL. It would probably help if they had decent clothing, but that notwithstanding... annoyance pops up for me from them.

I wonder if Britney uses subliminal messages?