grl2grl by Julie Anne Peters: Book Review

by dykehalo

Phenomenal! Once again Julie Anne Peters had managed to create an amazing book that doesn't just speak to lesbians but to females of all ages. Peters's latest book, grl2grl is comprised of 10 short stories:

Passengers is a story about two girls who go to the same school for the past five years and never speak to one another. The only contact they make is a 20-second stare-down everyday on the train. Tamlyn is popular and into the latest trends; Andrea is the exact opposite. There are so many places Peters could have taken this story, but I don't think any of them would have ended up being quite as good as this one.

To go or not to go is the main theme of Can't Stop the Feeling. Mariah desperately wants to go to her GSA but taking that first step and actually going in is the hardest part. She makes up a plan with an excuse just so she can walk in and walk back out if she wants.

After Alex amused me and reminded me of so many people I knew. Getting over a first love is hard, but it's made even harder when they're the person to whom you first made love. Rachel defines her life by three eras: Before Alex, During Alex and After Alex. They'd had their good and bad times together, but after they break up Rachel is thrown on a rollercoaster ride when she receives a note from Alex asking her to come back.

When reading the next story, I assumed Logan is a girl's name considering the title of the book is grl2grl but other than a name there is no description of Logan, who is the narrator of this very short story. I actually wasn't too fond of this story, but it's short and sweet and has a nice ending. Logan wants to send a card to her crush but is careful in deciding what to write inside and outside.

On The Floor seems like a pretty normal story about a basketball. It starts off as basketball but ends up being something totally different but so similar at the same time. I was very excited to see a story about basketball but as I read it I got somewhat disappointed and then WHAM! The story really grabbed me.

Stone Cold Butch was just so amazing. I finished it and just sat there; almost in tears, frozen and somewhat shocked about how moving it was. I was also completely grossed out, freaked out and completely disgusted. Taunia has asked Cam out several times. Cam refuses to go out with her. She doesn't understand why anyone can love a girl like her. Especially after she shaves her head bald. Cam has been ruined by the person who was supposed to treat her right and now Cam is broken, bruised and doesn't accept love.

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder poses a question I'd never thought about; if sex is suppose to wait until marriage, what are lesbians and gay guys suppose to do in places they can't get married? When will they be able to have sex? I loved this short story just because of the thought-provoking question I had never thought of before.

grl2grl seemed like a book just for lesbians and girls but there is the story Boi. It's about a female to male transgender boy Vince, who has been waiting for what seems like forever to get a penis. He finally persuades his male cousin to go into a sex shop and buy one for him. It's Vince's prized possession and makes him feel more whole then he's ever felt until it is ripped away from him. This story made me think of all the little things I take for granted like being born in the correct body with two breasts and a vagina and how lucky I am. It put me in a transgender person's body and how something that seems simple to me like a penis can mean so much to them.

TIAD is a story all about the Internet, breaking up, and moving on. I enjoyed the story but was and still am totally confused by it. I think I understand the ending but I'm not quite sure because it can be analyzed in many ways. For that reason alone I didn't like this story. The writing was great, the characters were real but it made me feel like an idiot for being so confused. Scar_Tissu has been dumped by Dylan. She feels like she can't keep on living so she reaches out to an online community where Black_Venus steps in and whisks Scar_Tissu off her feet.

Two Part Invention is all about music. Julie pulls off using pizzicato, chord and other musical terminology like a professional. The drive up to music camp is a long one for Kat, who is worried that Annika will no longer be the person she left there last year but a new one who is dating a boy named Bryce. Kat goes over all her memories in her head, all the songs they played and how well they played together wondering if their beauty and grace is enough to keep Annika and Bryce apart.

Of course Julie Anne Peters has done another fantastic job. grl2grl was well worth the wait and anticipation. If you don't read this book solely because it's written by Peters, then read it because it's incredible.


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Hm... in a few of the

Hm... in a few of the stories, especially "Stone Cold Butch" and "Boi," I felt that Peters was trying to hit on some really intense subjects... totally respectable, but, let's face it, she's one of the nicest women I've ever known and, well, the could've dug a lot deeper. She could've really really forced us to connect with some truly disturbing, distressing subjects and, well, she fell short once or twice.

I loved the book, though. Maybe not as much as I loved her novels, but that's because her specialty, really, is making these characters that I connect to and really get to know. I didn't get enough of those characters... a 10-page story didn't quite cut it for me.

Nonetheless, it was a great job. I loved it.
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I definitaly agree that her

I definitaly agree that her specialty is her novels where she creates characters that everyone connects to and i didn't get the same impact i might have if these short stories had been a novel.
I love her novels much more but i really loved this too.
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Well, that goes without

Well, that goes without saying. How can you *not* love a book by Julie Anne Peters? =D

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I'ts not possible to *not*

I'ts not possible to *not* love a Julie book!
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I think the internet one was

I think the internet one was about a pedophile with Scar_tissu being the unsuspecting victim and Black_Venus. If you read closely into it Peters puts hints into Hayley being a bit uncomfortable at times and that Black_Venus had a deep laugh aka a man's voice. I was a little confused too, I think she could've communicated her point a little better. Also at the end with the newcomer named Willow something or other and the final person who IM's her I think is supposed to be Black_Venus in a different sn.
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that's what i thought but i

that's what i thought but i also think that maybe Black_Venus was just trying to help Hayley like get her over the breakup. Like a "I'll help you get your mind off the breakup by being in it's place then leave you and it won't hurt so much" I dunno it's hard to explain.
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Yeah, I thought it was kind

Yeah, I thought it was kind of like that, and kind of like Black_Venus was just having a little fun. Whatever. I didn't like that story at all...

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i read every book by julie

i read every book by julie ann peters in our public library
our library doesn't consist of all..
and this book is not in stock
i really would love to get this book
so i believe i'm going to use amazon
thx for the great review

love her purely or don't love her at all

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im reading this book now bcz

im reading this book now bcz i borrowed it from my friend and its going pretty well

love her purely or don't love her at all