Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

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So I'm back in college in eh two weeks eek!!It was a quick Summer filled with rain and lots of work.But contrary to how grim that sounds it was better than last Summer,and I think I am happier in myself going back to college.I think this Summer has given me some more confidence.I have really settled in at work,I get on really well with almost everyone and its fun to be there.I kind of miss it if I have a few days off together(is that sad?)Perhaps thats a sign I should get out more.
Speaking of getting out,when I go back to college I am going to join the glbt society this year.I am already a member of their website and subscribe to their newsletter.All I need to do now is stop being such a wuss and go to the damn meetings!!
That is all for now=]


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Hope going back is fun! You should definitely go to those meetings, and let us know how it goes alrite?

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Hang in there...

..for AMERICA! =]

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she lives in Ireland.

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HUNNY! it's nice to see u posting again :o)

and to hear that u are happy.
and by all means, get ur little ass to those meetings!
(although that kinda makes it sound like u are going to A.A. or something... well if u need a lesbian "sponsor" or anything... i'll do it!)

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Thanks guys and gals:)

Thanks for the comments,and lol at the A.A reference!
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