Hey Kids, What Do You Take to School for Lunch?!

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No, this is not a test to see if GLBT people eat similar things; it's my cry for help in terms of lunch foods!

See, for the past two years I've been used to period one lunches, meaning I sleep in a good bit, get ready for school, eat a big breakfast, get driven out and then have a lunch or lots of snacks when I get home. This year, my lunches are in the middle of the day and I'm in a bit of a quandry as to what to get my mother to purchase for me to take to school. Sure, those lunchable things seem ok, PB&J might suffice... but what other options do you all go with?

I've written down oatmeal bar things, jello (who could hate it?), cheese strings, apples/nectarines/watermelon/strawberries/similar fruits that I can take and some lunch meats for sandwiches; but what else should I be on the look-out for? I'm usually a picky eater but I'd rather go for a healthier lunch at school and never have my stomach grumble (AWKWARD) than deal with a skimpy lunch.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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vegans don't eat Jello, since it is made from gelatin, which is derived from the boiled bones, skins and tendons of animals.


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they don't eat cheese

they don't eat cheese either...

I'll eat half a turkey sandwich or a yogurt cup. Yogurt is really good. Dannon Lite & Fit is soooo good. It's also good for you. Eat yogurt you dairy eaters! But um, don't if you don't eat dairy. Because...it's yogurt.

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I mainly commented because of the comment that everybody loves jello.

And most (if not all) lite/fat free yogurts aren't good for you, since all of the stuff that makes yogurt supposedly good isn't found in them. It's removed in the processing.


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Mehhh... my mom makes

Mehhh... my mom makes sandwiches. They're not that great, but they're food. I'd suggest stocking up on cold cuts--ham, turkey, cheese, etc. (This could cause problems if you're vegan/veggie...) Other sandwiches to consider are PB&J, peanut butter honey and banana, egg salad, tuna, etc. Toss a fruit in your lunch, or veggies (carrots, celery sticks, w/e) Leftover's will work too; chicken cutlet sandwiches, or a cold pasta dish in a takeout container with some plastic silverware.

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way to mention peanut butter & honey & banana!
Girl, you've got GOOOD TASTE :o)
and if ur really crazy like me, u can put some JAM in there too!
sweet & DEEElishis!

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I just

make a quick boring sandwich without any snacks or anything else for the whole day.

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1) Salads... they can be big

1) Salads... they can be big or small... some grocery stores have like pre made ones in like serving/meal sizes and all you have to do is add dressing. I find it cheaper to buy a bag of that pre-tore, mixed lettuce and then a bottle of dressing. but you have to mix the lettuce and dressing right before you eat it not first thing in the morning or it goes soggy and icky.
2) I also love carrot sticks, celery sticks, peppers cut up etc.. also great for dipping.
3) Another fav is wraps.. like torillas with some lettuce, cheeps, dressing- or sauce of some sort, chicken, veggies... they are soo good.
4) Meat, cheese and crackers.
5) Parfaits are really good or yogurt and granola.
6) Get a thermos and in the morning heat up soup and then put it in the thermos and get some of those packages of crackers.
7) You can heat up any leftovers in a thermos and if it's a good thermos they are pretty warm and good.
8) Left over pizza or make pizza cuz it's good cold even thos mini pizzas.
9) Those pudding cups ( I don't like them but an idea).
Or If you school has a cafeteria where you can buy hott food but you don't wanna pay alot everyday... bring your own drinks and snacks and sides for you lunch and just buy the main item at the cafeteria - saves money but you still get a hott meal or something you don't have to make. This is asuming you cafe has good food that isn't crap.
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Frozen yogurt (melted but

Frozen yogurt (melted but still coldish by lunch)
Boxed milk

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Well, in my school 99% of

Well, in my school 99% of the people eats from the cafeteria, which offers a nutritive menu. Basically, you don't get to chose, so if it's filet mignon and potatoes, eat it. Luckily for me, there's the gourmet lunch options...I can chose between an arrangement of salads, and some 10 dishes, either bought at a restaurant before, or made specially in the moment.

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I'm OCD, so every day for

I'm OCD, so every day for the past 3 or 4 years, I have taken watermelon, goldfish, and a granola bar.

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He means

Gold fish crackers. There these little bite sized goldfish cracker snacks. There decent.

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they are the classic, american, cheez-flavored, fish-shaped snack!
you're never too old to enjoy them :o)
"I love fishes cuz they're SO delishis! got goldfishes!
the yummy snack that smiles back, until u bite their heads off.
did u know they're made with real cheese? even tho they look like fishies.
the snack that smiles back, GOLDFISH!
(-Goldfish Themesong)
brought to u by Pepperidge Farm. original cheddar flavor all the way!

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lmao that just made my day

lmao that just made my day haha

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I've to agree with Forever,

I've to agree with Forever, that's hilarious!

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After taking forever to get ready, I don't have time to make myself a real lunch, so I just tear through the fridge and the cupboards and grab whatever I can! That usually means leftover supper or my mom's gross instant veggie soup.

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Do it the night before.


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Thats what I do.

Well except for today because I had a shit load of bio homework and no time to make it >_<

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You should make couscous the night before. It's easy and healthy. I never used to bring lunch to school, for 6th form I'd either go into town and buy something, get soup from the common room or not eat.

But I make it for lunch at home quite a lot. Make up the couscous then add stuff from the fridge. I have it with olive oil, chopped red pepper, spring onions, jalopeno peppers, chopped black olives, sometimes some chicken, lots of salt and pepper and fresh corriander. Make a big bowl of it and keep it in the fridge.

Also you could make soup in winter and take it in a themos. Fresh soups are easy to make, keep in the fridge (or can even be frozen) and you can use almost anything in it.

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i haven't been able to eat

i haven't been able to eat couscous since i got the stomach flu in fourth grade and became intimately acquainted with the broccoli couscous i'd had the night before. :P

but yeah, make soups, bring 'em in a thermos, sandwiches are an unlimited option...all the good stuff.

some stores have ready-made sandwiches that aren't that bad (yes i know preservatives kill, but hey...)

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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I eat something different

I eat something different every day. I have a thermos, today I ate onion soup that I made last night. :) But if I don't feel like cooking normally I make some kind of sandwich, especially the ones with peanut butter in them. And I bring a peach or a nectarine. :)

I don't know if I helped or not, but that's what I eat. *nod*

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I eat the things of my

I eat the things of my friends lunches that they don't want, mostly is fruit.

Get apple slices. Granola bars, a cookie, those 100 calorie packs are yummy.

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i dont have a lunch cause i'm a senior and at my school i get to leave early, i leave at 1:10. So since i'm not going to go hungry through four classes i bring two granola bars, and pop tarts along with a bottle of water

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In high school, I was a bit

In high school, I was a bit of a spoiled Filipino kid, even though all I was taking was the leftover from last night. Filipino food has a tendency to get better with time. But the other kids would never understand how my mom found the time to actually cook for my sisters and I. The truth was my mom just bought the ingredients and left me a recipe and I cooked everything. Hahaha, but my mom enjoyed how all the other working moms would be feeling a bit off because they couldn't cook for their kids, and amazed at my mom because she is an accounting manager for a lobbyist firm, so she usually gets home after 9pm.

But when I decided to become a vegetarian, I made a lot of things like beans and rice, cheese and broccolli twice cooked potatoes, and lentil soup.

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poptarts FTW!

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Tortilla chips & hummus =

Tortilla chips & hummus = excellence

Like someone said before, veggies are always the best!

Sometimes the kitchen will let you use their microwave--microwave meals aren't the best, but it could be some variety.

Pesto, tomato, basil and cheese sandwiches are excellent. Be creative!

Put nuts, raisins, anything you think that might taste good in tuna and make a sandwich.

Cook lunch the night before or take leftovers.

Happy eating!

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