Hey what's up?

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I'm just posting here in the discussion forum - trying to see how this Oasis thing works! I just recently joined - and am enjoying the site so far. I'm going to be posting journals as frequently as possible, as well as promoting promoting promoting!

So - I thought I would post a question I would like answered....

If you tied a piece of buttered toast to a cats tail and threw it from a height, what would happen?


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Welcome to Oasis! I'm glad

Welcome to Oasis! I'm glad you're enjoying this humble site so much! :D As for your question, umm....I have no idea.

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A big splat. That's what would happen.
Hope your last seven and a half hours as a member have been enjoyable.
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Welcome! About your


About your question? time would stop or something really bad would happen.

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Welcome to the site =)

Welcome to the site =) Promoting promoting promoting que? Ou qui? Vous? Translation is: what? Or who? You?

There are many potential answers to your question... the buttered toast could save the cat's life by providing a padding for it to land on. It could also spell doom for the cat if it landed headfirst, to be adhered and suffocate. The toast might also be a surface providing enough friction to propel the cat a good distance away and inspire someone to create a new mode of transportation.

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i dont have a cat

i dont have a cat but i think the cat would claw you to death if you tried, that or eat the toast on the way down :D

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Welcome to Oasis.

I may have interpreted your question a bit differently then everyone else. But from what I can gather it seems that your throwing the buttered toast (which is tied to the cats tail) from a high distance, so I suppose the toast would either slip off and fall, break apart. Or the cat would just bite off/scratch off the toast.

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Buttered toast!!

It would land butter-side down.

By the way, Welcome to the Oasis! We've got plenty of water; have a drink!

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I must confess that I have not the slightest idea of what would happen, except that it would (presumably) land on the ground.
And now I have a question: how do you tie a piece of buttered toast to a cat's tail?

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Ah, Feather makes a very good point... *grows and strokes beard* I don't know what would happen if you tied buttered toast to a cat's tail. But if you tied buttered toast to a cat's back, butter-side up, the cat would fall and halt several inches above the ground and hover there, spinning around. Either that, or the world would explode. Take your pick. And welcome to Oasis! ^^

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Cat lands on it's feet,

Cat lands on it's feet, toast lands on its butter.
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