How to meet people in a new city

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I was just wondering since I just moved back home to Vancouver,WA does anyone have any ideas as to how to meet people.
The reason is that I am kinda out of my comfort zone and alittle shy.... I'm not saying I can't do it on my own its just that I've never had to try and go out and meet people before,at least not on my any advice would help.

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Get a cardboard sign that

Get a cardboard sign that says something and drape it over you and you'll make friends in no time!

Or panhandle.

Robbing a bank would get you ingratiated with lovely law enforcement officials as well.

Ok, in terms of viable ideas; try going to a coffee shop or a bookstore and really really milling around... and if you see someone that LOOKS like they could be your friend then be all 'oooh, do you know where the section is?' or 'Oh I LOVE that book by , oh shucks I thought it was !'

You could definitely try baking something or buying a baked good/jello/sweet treat or lemonade and going to a neighbour's house and introducing yourself. And if they don't invite you in then you know who to hate.

Maybe try jogging every day and after a week of seeing the same person, introduce yourself and ask if they want to jog each day because it's so funny to see someone each day and know they live nearby but not know who they are! And they'll dig that for sure.

Go to the YMCA or start swimming or helping at a daycare and make friends through that avenue.

Sorry it's a bit limited, if you're not a bit outgoing or not prone to buoyant moods then you're pretty much toast; otherwise you could consider buying something and returning it and chatting to anyone waiting in a return line and then ask them if they want to grab a bite after. Damn now I'm afraid of being friendless after university. Good luck!

You're Amazing.

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lets see

dye your hair and walk around, youll meet new people, or scare them away, its a calcualted risk, its how i met a bunch of people on a retreat i went on, i sprayed half my head purple

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I just moved too...

But I moved from Port Townsend, WA to Denver, CO.
So, I can't offer any advice, but you have my sympathies! Meeting people is hard!

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Are you not going to be in

Are you not going to be in school or anything? Because that always helps with meeting people....

Just get out into the city, wander aimlessly, go to cafes, libraries, shops...maybe check out what kind of community programs they have going on--classes, events, and try and attend some of those. That's about all I can think of.