I Can DRIVE!!!....

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with a driver who's had a FULL license for more then 4 years. But i took my G1 test today and i passed... i only got 2 wrong out of 40 which is pretty good. i was SOOOO nervouse i was literally shaking. My dad was there and i'm like if i had a little salt right now i'd probably just keel over and die, my heart was beating SOOOOO fast! But i was hsaking so bad I had to sign my name and the S looked like a P and it'll forever be on my drivers license! But i'm happy
I drove for like 3 hours... i practiced for like an hour and a half in a parking lot first... i have a lead foot.
My birthday yesterday was amazing, for those of you who knew about it (Pat)! lol.... i'll tell you more about it later im going to make a smoothie.