i feel creepy

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I'm not dead.
I've just been busy with exams and going out and stuffs and I havn't really bothered to actually write anything, I have however (and, of course!) been checking oasis daily or almost daily.

I kinda feel creepy right now.
It sounds weird, but I want to seduce someone :S
Which is weird, because despite how I might seem with drugs and drinking and raves and blah blah blah, I'm soooo freaking childish!

It doesn't really come out too much and I guess I hold back alot unless I'm in an intimate conversation or something with just one or two people (it happened on the weekend, I met the two most incredible random and amazing people, they're friends with one of my close friends and one is actually really cute...both straight though, lol)

I can't exactly explain the seduction thing.
Past my childishness and being incredibly shy about my sex life etc when talking to other people, I.. I just really *want* someone.
I loveee chasing girls when I know they like me back, but at the same time I love being chased, its just an exhilarating feeling.

I hooked up (in the aussie meaning of the word) with my friend Tayla though. She has a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend...but mine's open.
I used to have a crush on her, and she used to really like me, and we just spent about 20 minutes flirting sitting on the ground at a playground the other weekend. I was stoned too though, but I knew what I was doing =/
I kind of just took advantage of the situation, and I feel kinda crap about it, but at the same time *she* kissed *me* first. Even though I kissed her back again. ...And again.
I then saw T (my girlfriend) a few hours later =/

I dunno.
I want some incredibly hot gay girl (or even straight and easily seduced orrr..yeah, I feel like such a creep, lol!) to just rock up so I can strike up a conversation. I love the chase...mm.

Well I should probably sleep or something soon, I might try drink a little to put myself to sleep better. I don't really need to but I want to feel tipsy and just... not sober.
Last week of schooooooool XD YAY!

Hugs hugs.
Oh ya, and if you read this, you're freakin determined, haha :)
Much love to ya'll!


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Hey, you have a girlfriend.

Hey, you have a girlfriend. Why don't you chase her down and pin her against a wall? It's just as fun, I promise!

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?