I Felt Dysfunctional...

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I'm not sure where this came from, but it's how I'm feeling tonight. It's not about anyone specific, just written to an impulse, a thought, I suppose.

The Masochist's Love Song

Use me, take what you want from me, then cast me away
Hurt me, tear me into pieces so I can finally let myself cry

I'll be whatever you want me to be
Any depraved creature of your twisted fancy
Only show me that you can hurt me
Force me to stop believing I can be loved
Hurt me
Hurt me so I can pretend I don't deserve it

Don't pretend you love me
Don't let me believe you wouldn't hurt me
Never give me a reason to remember you
With anything less than pain

Force me to look you in the eyes and see them burning
Don't let me beg for mercy
Sink your teeth into me and make me bleed
Make me forget all the hurts
Except yours

Make me forget that I ever tried to love
Force me to think only of you
And the pain
Make me hate you so you can't break my heart

I will be anything you want me to be
But don't ask me to love you
For that would be the only pain that I could feel
I cannot love you
Because you cannot love me
And to pretend otherwise is a hurt I cannot survive


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My god... that's..... raw....and beautiful