I need to stop this

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Church today was crazy,first we had some guy from another come and preach to us about what an apology is. According to him its understanding your beliefs.wtf? I thought an apology was asking for forgiveness,or admitting your wrong or whatever? Then I met my old church camp buddy Sarah and her daughter Simone(Sooo cute for a baby). And just as I was leaving my ex Jesse's ex Kayla appeared seemingly out of nowhere! She told me she goes to my church now(I wonder does she know Jesse moved back).

After getting out of church,I went over to Jesse's and hung out on the couch awhile,separated by a pillow of course(so nothing would happen). But of course when I get back from the kitchen the pillow is on the floor! I'm already on egg shells when I'm around Jesse since I can't seem to control myself, and to make matters worse she was lounging around in short-shorts and her bikini top! Why on earth would she do that,its 70 degrees outside. And of course with the pillow gone, we are sitting closer together. And as expected she leaned over me to cut off the lamp and I kissed her......I don't know why I did it,she's hot but still there is no need to lose control right,I don't even like her anymore? I talked to her sister about an hour ago and she said,"its because she's hot and our relationship was "deep" and that we had aways had an attraction to each other. And that Jesse brought out a different side of me". Oh okay yeah Jesse makes me into an impulsive nutcase,sure! I really need to stop this.


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sounds like Jesse knows what she wants and you're trying to convince yourself you don't want what you seemingly do.


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I've done my time in therapy

Damn skippy hippie! Being with her is unhealthy,she's toxic for every girl she meets. One kiss will send a girl into a tailspin. All she needs is a small window of opportunity and she's got you hooked. Its always, "I want you,I need you, I can't think or breathe without you". I already did my time in therapy...

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