I took her back

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Just want to apologize now if I start to ramble or something. Monday my ex jesse asked me or suggested that we get back together despite everything we went through last year. But after a long talk with her sister and listening to the cd jesse made for me last year,I came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea,hopefully I wont regret it.

In celebration of our getting back together,jesse took me to the movies,I don't remember what was playing I was too busy catching up(talking) with jesse. After the movie we went back to her house and had dinner with her cousin and her boyfriend. When dinner was done and the dishes were washed, me and jesse(as usual) went to her room. We sat and talked how things would be different this time and how we'd be honest with each other.

And just as she was going to kiss me,seemingly on cue her sister walks right in,doesn't even knock and sits right between us on the bed! Then she has the nerve to say she's gonna hang with us for a while and how happy she is that we're together again. Thankfully jesse told her to get the hell out and locked the door behind her. And then we had our first official kiss post breakup! It was better than our first kiss last year