I'm in love

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R is wonderful. She makes my heart sing. She makes me feel alive, even though for now, we're just friends. Being around her makes me smile, even when everything else in my world is grey.

She's just...she's not always cheerful, or sunny, or anything like that, but even when she's in a bad mood, she always makes me smile.

We've been texting all day during class. Every time my phone would vibrate, I get this dreamy smile on my face. I'm just...so in love with her. I love how we almost, but not quite, flirt with eachother when we're together. I love how we keep toeing at the line between friends and girlfriends, but never quite crossing it. I love how she teases me, and how our eyes meet accidently, and hold. I love how my body feels when she's near me. I love how my pulse races every time I can smell her scent. I love how I can't help but smile when she's around.

I love our ongoing text conversation; how I can all but see her shake her head at me when I say something silly and random. I love how she looks when Ethan mentions that I don't wear a shirt when I'm home alone; how her face goes soft when I let my hair down.

I love that she loves my hair. I love the way she looks at me when it's lose and flowing over my shoulders. I love the way she won't look at me when I wear something that I look good in, and how she sometimes avoids me.

I love how sometimes, when she's talking, I can just stare at her lips and remember kissing her. I love how the thought of her hits me at odd moments, and I'll remember how her hands feel on my skin, or how her collarbone tastes.

I just...I love her. I start giggling at random moments when I'm thinking about her, just for the pure joy of being in love.


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Your post toally brought

Your post toally brought this song to my head:
All You Need is Love-The (almighty) Beatles

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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awww, girly-love, so cute!

mmm... what does her collarbone taste like? heehee :o)

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This is so adorable, and I'm

This is so adorable, and I'm totally in the same head over heel position. I too get giggly. I'm pretty sure it's love.