I'm sick

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It's like a cold + Allergies so it sucks!! Can't breathe, my throat hurts, i'm coughing, im tired.

That's about all i have to write about.. for now.. i'll catch ya'll up on my life later.


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that sucks i hate being

that sucks i hate being sick
i dont know if u remember me but i used to have a oasismag account before and we used to talk but i forgot my username so i made a new one..

love her purely or don't love her at all

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hmmm lol normall i go by

hmmm lol normall i go by screen name or picture.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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I've got the samething..

yeah it sucks..

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It's that time of year for

It's that time of year for colds...hope you feel better!

I travel 'round the block
And I'm not looking to my right
I feel the glass against my cheek
And I can't see you in the light
I break my heart around this

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seems to be getting sick here at oasis. It's contagious!