i'm so over the discrimination in this world.. i just want to be loved for who i am?

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Like people are gonna disagree with that statement...

Um, for the record, they probably won't.

Don't expect much of a response deviating from the first one. I mean, doesn't everyone want that?

Nice, though.

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Depends... I don't think it is possible to not have discrimination in the world, or war, so I don't think I'd ever be "over" it, I'd just stop it from being a part of my life or affecting my decisions. Then again, as soon as I go into a gay club, it is a new discrimination, based on race, body size, body hair, facial hair, clothing choices, etc., etc.

So, I think the best you can hope for it to trade up from one discrimination to the next. They just get more superficial and less potentially dangerous as you go.


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