I'm starting a GSA.

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So, I'm starting a GSA at my school.

Can you guys give me as many ideas and activities (and movies) and such that you've done in any of your GSA's or anything you think would be a good idea? I'm not much of a leader so this may be challenging for me. I'm also afraid no one will even show to it :(


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I would suggest checking out

I would suggest checking out the GLSEN website. they have tons of resources. If you download the PDF from this page there are a bunch of ideas and activities, etc.



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I've checked there already. But thanks. :D

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My only suggestion is that

My only suggestion is that you should be ready to deal with heavy criticism from idiots.

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Just open the floor for

Just open the floor for people to talk and discuss whatever your members bring up. Discuss bullying and homophobia and how to stop it and deal with it. GLBT rolemodels, news articles... see if you can get some guest speakers. Organize events to raise awareness and stuff. Talk about stereotypes... whatever. There'll always be something to talk about, so don't stress it.

As for movies, I'm sure you can find a lot on afterellen and afterelton. My personal picks would be Imagine Me & You, and But I'm a Cheerleader.

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Ok Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions/advice.

....Anyone have any idea what I should write in the advertisements I'm making? I made the logo already, I just need to write it up.

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first of all: great that

first of all: great that you're doing it! just go through with it. react to the circumstances, and be open to other people's ideas, but also don't let anybody discourage you too quickly.
Those who like the GSA are the important people you should think about, not those who are against it, even if the first group might be much smaller than the second.

a nice harmless movie is "Goldfish memory". It is not too interesting, but kind of nice and is somewhat inclusive (includes gay and lesbian and bisexual story lines...)

another advice is that when you organize activities you should go for activities which you yourself enjoy. If you think a particular movie is really boring, but you imagine that maybe other people will like it and you show it, it is probably not gonna turn out well.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!
it might turn out one of the best experiences of your life.

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That's great that you're

That's great that you're starting a GSA! Look what I found:


I divided it so as not to mess up this thread... how do we post URLS nicely here?

Try your local library or something even!

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That would be CLICK HERE. [a

That would be CLICK HERE. [a href="full url here no spaces"]text[/a], replacing [ ]'s with < >'s. HTML FTW!!! <(''<) ^(''^) (^'')^ (>'')>

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader

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@jojojo Thanks for the suggestion...Hmmm, I should try putting on "Another Gay Movie" at the GSA. That movie looks hilarious!

@Disney, thanks but I'm not able to purchase anything online :(

Ok so heres how far along we are.

1. I have a teacher sponsor, as in a teacher who will allow us to use there room.

2. I created the Ad.

3. I believe I'm basically already approved to put up the advertisement, I informed the principle etc.

Now I need to print the advertisement and see how many people contact Mrs. Maskell and Mr. Lea.

Heres the advertisement, tell me what you think. (O and how do you like the logo I made for it ^_^ )

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umm you might want to stay

umm you might want to stay away from Another Gay Movie. Unless you want the club to be dissolved instantly. lol. it is a great movie though. =D

the ad looks great! Summary is with an "a" though. ;-) good luck with the club!


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Ah, ok.

I've never watched Another Gay Movie (although its been sitting on my computer for like half a year) so I wouldn't know how bad it is.

Wow, I can't believe its spelled wrong. I just used a template for the ad, and "Agenda Summery" was already one of the fields that was there, I never altered it at all. Thats sort of odd.

Posting the ads tomorrow! :D