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I blurted it out. It wasn't an intentional confession. C and I argue all the time about who loves eachother. It's sickening, I know, but I love it. Sometimes the debates get quite heated and creative. And a strong argument she has is how I must love Emily Haines more because, uh, she's Emily Haines. [We all know how much I love Em Haines]. It was: "You know that when we break up you'll go back to her and say 'why did I ever leave you?'"

My argument, in frustration: "If I was ever with Emily Haines, why would I leave?... Oh, except for maybe the fact that I'm in love with you!!"

It just came out. I flat told her. I was shocked. But I meant it. I think that shows if it blurts out without any thought to it. Her reply, after giving me a hard time again: "...and let it be known that I'm in love with you too."

More on this later. I want some sleep. Damn school for keeping me from posting on a regular basis. I played a show this weekend, too.

Mmmm, warm thoughts, I love C.


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Awww....thats too cute!

Awww....thats too cute!

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SO. CUTE. *joinks your

SO. CUTE. *joinks your girlfriend for myself*

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That was so cute! You two

That was so cute! You two are so cute! awwww it's like you ooze cuteness!

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That IS pretty fucking cute!

i'm happy for u girls... i really, truly am!
BUT... i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a tad bit jealous...
cuz no girl has EVER said "i'm in love with you" to meee...
(and i've definetely said it to a girl before... and i meant it).
*my ♥ is green with envy* ...hahaHA!
Seriously, best o' luck 2 U & C!!! :o)

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you know what i will say.haha.

i agree with the comments before me. i hope my very very good friend who happens to be my crush, and i dont know if she likes me back or not (but one of my friends tell me that she thinks my very very good friend like me back, but it's so hard to tell) tells "If I was ever with *insert her favorite vox ever*, why would I leave?... Oh, except for maybe the fact that I'm in love with you!!" to me too! and i hope that she likes me back as well! haha!

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