It hurts to breath!

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Long time no talk everybody! So basically, I got lost in a whirlwind of school, homework, gsa and swim team. I broke a few ribs over the summer and today I broke a finger, so swimming has been a lot of rehabilitation this year. My ribs kinda hurt today...but then again, so does my finger right now. ANYWAYS...

There isn't really anything going on with me lately. I'm very boring. I've been writing lots of poems and letters to a certain somebody. But she won't let me get away with just sending them to her, she makes me read them to her on the phone. So I can't surprise her...

Guess what everybody?! Monday is ShadowFrosty's birthday! I'm excited...If only she lived closer at the moment so I could give her those birthday beatings she deserves. This is the first birthday of her's that we haven't spent together...Kinda crappy...But I've got dibbs on next year.

I've got a paying job now and I'm moving out in June...Things are good...

I write boring posts now...*sadface*


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i think they're

i think they're interesting!

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!