its all random

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This may turn out to be a very random entry.I keep thinking oh hey I want to make a journal on oasis, but then I get distracted by something else and it doesn't get written. So whatever it was that I was going to write about ends up being pushed back by something else that I think of.But I think I am like that in general.I tend to jump from one idea to the next and end up all over the place.

Something else that was all over the place yesterday was,to be blunt,SHIT! It made me think back to Ruby's journal a few weeks ago about cycling through dog poo.As I sat down to my math lecture and looked down to discover dog shit all over my runners,and jeans I thought oh man this is karma for laughing at that journal.I must have walked in it as I was on my way to class,but I didn't notice until I actually got there.At which point it was too late to leave because my lecturer had arrived.So I had to sit there with dog poo on me for an hour!!It was so gross and the room started to get really warm so it started to smell really bad too!As soon as the class was over I left and went home.I planned to just throw my stuff out,but then my mam cleaned it for me.I'm such a kid but I was greatful!Though I can't bring myself to put them back on even though they are clean.

Well anyways,in other news not involving shit I have been back to college alomost two weeks now.It's kind of different this yr.There are loads more people in my class.Last year there was only 10 or 11 of us.Now there are around 18.Which I am happy about because the new people seem nice but there are no more girls though :( I've been thinking though that it is about time I started coming out to some of my college friends though.It's sign up week for societies and I really wanted to join the glbt,but I feel I need to tell my friends first.

Coming out to my cousin last week has given me a huge confidence boost.Though I haven't really had a chance to talk to her since because we have both been working/at college and way way busy.But I'll get around to making time soon.
Anyways I think I'll leave it there.Laterz.