Jeans and Bottoms

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I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. Probably. What I want to know is actually in regards to the bases of peoples' jeans! Blue, black, faded, indigo like no other... how do the bases of your jeans look?

Do you fold them up if they're too long? Do you fold them up if not? Do you pin, staple or magically glue them inwards? Do you only buy jeans that aren't too long? Do you only buy jeans that are too short? Do you have the bases tailored, do you abhore tailors? Do you think folding jean bases upwards looks tacky, do you think jeans themselves are tacky? Is a faded pair of jeans usually better looking than a deep blue pair? Do white lines or dots on jeans make you annoyed, do torn up/scuffed jean bottoms?

What's the dilli-o with your jean bottoms?

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I've all kinds of jeans, but

I've all kinds of jeans, but if they are too long, I get them tailored right away. It's not like I find torn up Jeans tacky of anything, I just like their normal fit. I've got a couple that reach the floor, but that's really another story.

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My jeans..

I typically wear all sorts of jeans, I don't have any -dark- blue denim ones at the moment. I am not very tall, and I have hips, so my jeans almost -always- reach the floor, Sometimes, I roll them up, a bit. Usually not, since they only barely reach it, and if I am perpetually walking on them..

Well that's a reason to wear taller shoes, No?

I wear light jeans, medium, I wear dark dark blue ones with pinstripes(Those are my favorite.)

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I have short legs so my

I have short legs so my pants tend to be too long i just live someimtes they drag or come really close to dragging. If i have a good pair of like black pants i want to keep good (like ones i just bought) i get them tailored.
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I like L.L. Bean's women's

I like L.L. Bean's women's jeans. The regular, boring, jeans. I have one pair in black, and one pair in blue. At the beginning of summer, I take the older pair (last summer it was the blue ones), and cut them off just below the knees and wear cutoffs. Now that it's getting on to be fall, I'm going to order a new pair of blue jeans. Next summer, I'll have a new pair of black cutoffs.

Also, FYI, don't buy stonewashed if at all possible. It's horribly bad for the environment. Like, seriously. Where and how they get the stones to do it is awful.

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My Jeans

I wear dark blue classic fit. And black classic fit. I know my size, and I shop from wal-mart so there never too long.

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I adore boyfriend-fit jeans

I adore boyfriend-fit jeans because they are baggy but also shaped.Generally the bottoms of my jeans trail the ground.I like jeans that look scuffed.I also prefere deep blue jeans to faded ones.

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mine are normally dark, then they fade, and i leave them down if there to long that way they get nice and shredded. most of mine are atleast a little bit baggy, i had a pair that poofed out when i walked like UFO pants pants :D but then they got a massive hole in them and when my mom turned them into shorts they look really bad so i dont wear them, i mourn that pair of pants.

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haha I totally thought you

haha I totally thought you wrote dildo instead of dilli-o haha Anyways personally I dark blue/grey/black. I hate weird designs on them too. I just like them plain and simple, but fashionable.
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you dil!

hah you are so gay!

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I like all jeans. But it's

I like all jeans. But it's hard for me to find jeans that are long enough(I'm about 6ft tall), so when I do, I don't complain. I've got light blue, black, dark blue, striped, pola dotted. I'm not picky at all...All my jeans are long. I like them that way...I don't want to look like Erkel...

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I LOVE jeans... I wear them almost every day.
I buy jeans from: GAP, Jean Machine, and sometimes even *gasp* SEARS!
Currently, I like dark blue jeans. My fave pair has a kinda fadey, worn-in shade around the inseam and outer seam... i can't really explain it, so i'll just ensure u that it looks kewl!.
(But in the past year i've worn: stripey jeans, jeans with glittery/be-dazzly-rhinestones on the bum pockets, jeans with black skulls and pirate ships on them, dark grey jeans, and more...)
I like jeans that are tight-fitting in the bum and thighs, but kinda loose around the lower-leg.
(those jeans that are all tight/bunchy around the ankles are just NOT flattering on my body-type).
I am kinda on the short-side, and i have short legs... but i'm kinda on the curvy side too (NOT "plus-size"... i just have HIPS and an ASS... you know, like a WOMAN? haha). so usually every pair of pants i buy is too long. i either cut them myself, and they get kinda sloppy/stringy at the bottom... or i get them professionally hemmed by a tailor.
me + sewing=BAD idea. XD

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I always wear jeans to

I always wear jeans to school, because i dont want to have a scratch on my leg or something.haha. anyway, so i have different kinds of jeans and i i think only 2 pairs have ok lengths, meaning they do not touch the floor ( one is a skinny jeans, while the other one is just the normal kind). i have gray (or faded black, i dont know. i bought it that way. it's like a faded black but not really "black" black, but it doesnt look gray either.), faded denim(and i have this pair rugged), 3 pairs of denim, a pair of stonewashed denim, a pair of white jeans, and the rest are are normal denims. almost all my jeans are fit and just below my waist (it's called hipster isn't it? idk!haha).

i like jeans which are fashionable but classic, so i go to vintage stores and hunt hard to find jeans there.

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