Judy Garland and Adventures In The Teenage Haze

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These days I feel I fit the literary/social stereotype of the teenage gay boy. The kind of kid who's the subject of some 'young adult' novel, titled 'Not Like Other Boys' or some such nonsense. I'm intelligent, over-dramatic, struggling with inner demons and fond of Judy Garland. Oy. And, to boot, drooling over a gorgeous hunk of man in my drama class. He's muscular and cute and well-formed and...drool.

I feel like a queen. Or, more accurately, a Tennessee Williams character.

Oh well. Someday it will make more sense. Or at least I might have a boyfriend. Sigh.

Goodnight, folks.


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G'night Judy Garland!!

G'night Judy Garland!! *clicks heels* hahaha

The statement below false.
The statement above is true.

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*cough* ...(I like Judy

*cough* ...(I like Judy Garland)... *cough*

'The man that got away' is one of my favourite sad songs, and my favourite type of songs are sad songs. I listened to it so many times over and again that my little brother ended up knowing all the words, and my mum got [pretend] upset because he's her best hope for grandchildren. But it's ok because now he just listens to Elvis 'In the ghetto' on repeat all day.

But at least you fit an old-fashioned stereotype. I think it's better to fit an old-fashioned stereotype.

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aaahhhh. well hay dere

well hay dere andrew.
i miss you.
write me, and we shall talk.

iety is crumbling faster than an Oreo cookie being run over by a turqouise freight train."