Kissing the ex unwillingly..sorta

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I found out that my ex Jesse lied to me about when she was coming to Vancouver. She said she and her sister would fly in next week, not this week. So much to my surprise when I went over to an "aunts" house this morning I saw her and her sis sitting on the couch just a chatting away with my "family"! She jumped up and said,"Surprise". I said "you lied". And of course her sister had to top it off with an, I told you so.

After flipping out on my ex for not telling me the truth, she treated me to lunch at Mongolian Grill.....ummmm. She told me that she knew that I was talking to one of her ex's, who lives in Seattle and that she didn't want to be the reason for me not giving the girl a chance. Jesse also tried to bring up the whole breakup thing. About why she did what she did, why it was hard to lie to me,and a bunch of other stuff. I see it like this, when your cheating on your "s.o." the entire six to eight months you were together you obviously knew what you were doing!
Let me give you an idea of the whole catching my gf cheating on me: 8:30pm on Saturday night, I'm just leaving my job 3hrs early and I'm heading to her house. Her sister lets me in,and I go upstairs. I open her bedroom door to find her do you say in a compromising position with one of her more recent ex's! After talking about the past she tells me the worst news she could have told me. She and her sister were moving back to Vancouver! Not in a few months but in a few weeks...thank goodness she is still in high school. After hanging out around my "aunts"house I drove her out to a park, so she could see how much the area has changed. And in the time it took for me to lock my car and turn around she kissed me and I kinda kissed her back but only for a moment until pulling away. I hope she doesn't think that since she's moving to "my" city that she has a chance in hell with me! So what if we kissed, we have history its expected, but that is the last time!