Lack of Dreams

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So i went to bed expecting to have some "good" dreams.... instead i had one about a tunnel.
It was a weird tunnel, that was sorta a walking/driving tunnel. It was similar to the Detroit/Windsor tunnel but with doors.
And what happened was me and my dad were walking i geuss and we turned around cuz we heard something and walked the opposite direction and there was this prison guard in the front of a truck and on either side was a prisoner- they had over taken the guard. The other prisoners were all getting out of the truck- since they're free now lol. SO my dad was all like Steff go that way and call the cops then hide and i'll find you. So i went way ahead of them and called 911 but the thing was that the person on the other line was like theres no one around to take your call we're just shutting down and i'm like WTF it's 911 you don't shut down but whatever just know that in the tunnel prisioners have overtaken the guards and are loose, we NEED HELP!
So then i hid in this little thing behind the stairs and then the prisoners started killing or kidnapping everyone in the tunnel. Then they went up the stairs (to an opening that lead to the bridge above the tunnel) and then i was just waiting in my little spot because they had all spread out trying to get everyone in the tunnel and then i woke up.
But it was interesting... i geuss.


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that IS a weird dream...
i have crazy dreams too... like a LOT.
maybe it's just cuz i eat cheese and chocolate before i go to bed.
or maybe it's cuz i have crazy, cheezy, chocolatey things going on in my brain... hmmm... :-D

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lol, you gotta go on msn

lol, you gotta go on msn tomorrow night, i was sleeping in the car on my way to the shock game and well......
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~