Last Night....

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My friend, "L" slept over at my house last night. She's asexual, and we were talking for the longest time about how neither of us 'got it' when our friends said they had crushes on guys. We lay in my bed for hours and she kept telling me how amazing and perfect I was. she said that she didn't get why I hag out with her. In middle school, I thought she was the coolest person ever and that she was way above me. She's still brilliant and beautiful to me, though she says that she's jealous of me and that I don't have any flaws (except for my ears and hands).... I have a bunk bed, for some reason (I honestly don't know why), but I write things on the wooden planks supporting the mattress on the top (I sleep on the bottom). L Decided to write some things, too. On the "toe" and of the bed, she wrote in sharpie, "caution, she bites," or something to that degree. I looked at it later, and couldn't make out what the first word was. I tried deciphering it, but it looked kind of like, "cat fur." It was very strange and we laughed about it for along time... L thinks that my mom thinks that we're going out... I don't, but she's entitled to her opinion. Also, on a totally different note, I have a crush on this girl who's 2 years older that me. she calls me "the cool freshman." She's beautiful and sweet and I whenever I see her i melt. L calls her Sabrina the Teenage Bitch..... She says that she's really mean and hates her... I don't know.... she's just so damn pretty.... Also, I'm going to the Arcade Fire concert tonight with my friend from middle school.... It's going to be so much funnnnnn....


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bunk beds!

haha, bunk beds are AWESOME. for serious! they totally remind me of overnight camp, and we used to write on the wooden part of the beds too. good timesss...
it is kewl that ur friend is asexual, i don't really understand asexuality but i have a million questions about it.
u sound really kewl too. well, take care, hun. :o)

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It sounds like your friend

It sounds like your friend has a crush on you...
I travel 'round the block
And I'm not looking to my right
I feel the glass against my cheek
And I can't see you in the light
I break my heart around this

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Haha this is all very

Haha this is all very amusing. "Cat fur?" xD Huh, your friend is asexual, and has come out as such? I'll admit I don't see that nearly as often as GLBT. Good for her. ^^

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When I read the word asexual

When I read the word asexual I think of amoebas. And when I read ForeverEndedToday's comment I think there's something to it.

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She could be asexual, but there's always exceptions. I'm happy to say I'm lesbian, but I admitt I have fallen for a guy. No rule is solid. There's always exceptions. And, well, you could be hers.

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It really does sound like

It really does sound like she digs on you. Ya dig back? Besides Sabrina TTB.
And you lucky bastard.... the Arcade Fire is beyond amazing.

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Well, I'm pretty sure she's

Well, I'm pretty sure she's asexual, she's out to only a few people. But then again, it's different than being queer because you don't like anyone you're not supposed to (according to our fucked-up media and society), you just don't like anyone. If she wasn't, though, she'd be straight. It'd be awesome if she wasn't, though. As for Sabrina the teenage bitch, I'm just so infatuated with her, I don't care what she's really like. Oh yeah, and the Arcade Fire concert was AMAZING!!!! They're awesome.... Wow. We had, like 5th row seats..... It was soooooo cool.. Oaky, now I'm gushing. whatever....