LBGTQ Movies HELP???

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So I'm the president of the GSA at my school and I need some advice. We're going to have movie nights occasionally and I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions of good LGBTQ movies that are school appropriate. Being school safe isn't really necassary, but I don't want something like scripted, verbal porn... :) THANKS!

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Billy's Hollywood Screen

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

The Broken Hearts Club

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Rocky Horror Picture Show (does it count?)

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Crap, I can't remember but

Crap, I can't remember but there is also this good one about a trans-man living in Nebraska. Seems mid '90's. Lot's of indie films have lots of diversity.

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Beautiful Thing
Big Eden
Brokeback Mountain
The Doom Generation
Edge of Seventeen
Get Real
Gods and Monsters
Just One Time
Lilies (!!!!!)
My Own Private Idaho
Nico and Dani
Torch Song Trilogy (!!!!!!!)
The Wedding Banquet


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'My Beautiful Laundrette'. I

'My Beautiful Laundrette'. I really like this film.

Also 'My Summer of Love', although you might lose patience with the end.

I don't know how appropriate school appropriate means, but I'd think these would be ok.

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DEBS But I'm a

But I'm a cheerleader
Kissing Jessica Stein
Imagine me and You
I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry
Strange Bedfellows

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But I'm a Cheerleader and

But I'm a Cheerleader and Imagine Me & You are FANTASTIC! Yes, yes, yes!!!

Check afterellen and afterelton for lotsa good lists.

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RENT! Loving Annabelle Gray

Loving Annabelle
Gray Matters

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Errr... I'm not sure how school-safe these are, you might want to screen them first.
Boys Don't cry
The Incredible Adventures of Two Girls in Love
Better than Chocolate
It's in the Water
When Night is Falling
The Girl
Lost and Delirious
Tipping the Velvet
Clara's Summer
The Investigator
The Chinese Botanist's Daughters (I've actually never seen this one, if you do end up watching it, could you tell me how it is?)

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"Edge of Seventeen" It's

"Edge of Seventeen"
It's about highschool/college kids, so that makes it good for highschool GSA, though I'm sure it doesn't matter. Good movie, nonetheless.