Listy Lists of Doom?

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So I guess we're going off with another list tangent? I thought I would join the cult...I mean...CLUB! We'll see how long this list gets...Maybe only 10 for now?

1. I can compare my life to the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.
2. I write poems that go on a website where it's just my writing.
3. I hate the color brown.
4. I love the way sunshine feels, but I love the way the rain sounds.
5. I kind of like the way sunburns hurt.
6. I do stupid shit like mess up relationships with people I love.
7. I'm moving out in June.
8. I got stuck here and asked my mom what one random thing about me was and she said I was cute. XD
9. I work with little kids at the YMCA. Haven't even converted any yet...
10. I'm about to pass out asleep...


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Haha, YAY I have

Haha, YAY I have followers!
Passing out asleep infront of the computer is always great fun...