mommy in the hospital

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Mom's sick. Tuesday she broke out in fever and wasn't feeling so hot. A minor case of the flu, it sounded like. Early Wednesday morning I woke up and heard strange noises. Listening carefully, mom was vomitting. Painfully, it sounded like. I drifted back to sleep and woke up not to long after and again heard the throwing up. Again, and finally again when I had to get up for school. She surrendered her bathroom so I could shower and I heard her vomitting in my bathroom through the walls. No good.

She told me to go to school despite, that maybe I'd have to come home to take her to the doctors. She called me at school but they couldn't get me off campus because I didn't have a note. Bitches. So I went off at lunch and just didn't go back. Took her to the doctors and they gave her a shot to calm her stomach and prescribed suppositories. She seemed really drowsy after that and couldn't talk. I'd ask her a question and I'd be lucky to get a grunt. I'd have to force her to drink water, and it was hard for her just to hold the bottle. I thought all this was just from the medicine.

But at a follow up appointment the next day she was even worse with the talking. Her fever was constant, and she moaned all the time. The doctor told us to go to the ER. She was heavily dehydrated. I felt bad for not taking her the night before, but I didn't really know. So we went.

We got there around 12 and waiting two hours before they took her back to a bed. From there we waited hours and hours. Nurses were in and out, got her IVs and some tylenol and antibiotics, a doctor came in, she was taken to a CT scan and ultrasound. All clear so far. The doctor asked her what month it was and she said "June." What day? "Wednesday." It was Thursday, so she was close. She was out of it. She was glazed over in the eyes and looked at things like they weren't there. I cried.

Around 9 I got too tired and left. I had wanted to stay until she got into a room in the actual hospital [not just ER] but I didn't. C took me in, she had offered earlier, as well as given lots of support with S. They each offered to bring me food or come and offer moral support but I didn't want to eat in a place that smelt so medicinal and I didn't think they could get back. An hour and half after I left, mom got into a room.

Yesterday I went and saw her and she was coherent; she could talk to me, though still weak. She still felt bad, but the fever was gone. They were going to check her stool for bacteria to see what the real cause of getting sick was. This morning mom called me and there was bacteria was it was coming from a gull stone. So the gull bladder's got to go. But they have to wait until she's strong enough to take the surgery. That's a day or two, then a few days after that for surgery.

C offered to keep me, and I think I'll do that. Maybe dad will come out and stay with me at our house a bit, but it won't be necessary really. But he might want to come out.

That's wehre I am, C's house. She's taking a shower than we're going to breakfast. She better hurry though. Eggs N Things closes soon. Then to the hospital with protable DVD player, CD player, toothbrush, and a book for mommy.

I love my mommy.


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*hugs* i'm glad your mom's


i'm glad your mom's okay. I know how scary it can be when mommys get sick.

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Oh god, that sounds

Oh god, that sounds ridiculously scary. I'm sorry, and I'm glad your mom's okay. *many hugs*

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Oh you poor thing, at least

Oh you poor thing, at least you handled it so responsibly. I hope she gets better soon.

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i hope both you and your

i hope both you and your mother are okay. *hugs*

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*hugs* I'm so sorry your mom

*hugs* I'm so sorry your mom got sick! That must have been incredibly scary, I am really sorry. You did exactly what you had to do, and handled it calmly, that probably helped her a lot. Good luck!

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:0 Aw no.. I hope your mum

:0 Aw no.. I hope your mum will be okay. All the best yeah.