money and paintings and shirts

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Mostly money. S made me a "gay horses" calendar in taking a horse calendar and adding thought bubbles and clothes to make gay horses. My favorite is the Elton John family. I'll have to scan a few and post them. C got me a Metric shirt, which just came today, along with Emily Haines' dad's book "Secret Carnival Workers." Apparently, there's another present coming my way by mail sometime towards October. Otherwise, she did this amazing painting of what we call the Golly Sandra bridge.

We call it that after the Eisley song, which we love [it's my favorite by them]. The bridge is by her beach house, and I don't know, nothing special happened there, we just go down to take pictures. But we both really liked eachother when we went down there, so I don't know, I think it kind of does mean something special to us. Anyway, it's a lovely painting.

Daddy gave me money, mom's covering my Metric tickets, took S, C, and me out to dinner, and gave me money, my relatives gave me money, Y got me a photo album and kitty stickers! What a terribly long time explaining gifts.

Birthday was nice and quiet, and went by faster than I wanted it to. I love the Metric shirt. I went to Michael's today to apply for a job and get blank t-shirts and some fabric so I can make my own. Maybe mom will show me how to sew, cause it's been a while since 7th grade home ec. I took C to run and get birthday stuff for Y and S [Y and I have the same birthday] at Barnes and Noble and I got two writing magazines. One was a "childrens" writing magazine, but it had mentioning of a writing contest I want to enter so I bought it. I will enter that contest.

So I bought a lot today. And still have lots left over! Most is in a fund for something special, like a new camera or something. Hundred is for gas, and the rest is my own. Ninety, I think.

This entry make me sound kinda materialistic, but I promise, I'm really not.

Btw, I love life sometimes. I'm usually pretty down with it, but there's just some times when I just love it.


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was your birthday today, as in September 24th? If so, we share a birthday! No wonder I like reading your journal so much!

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Aw no, the 23rd. But

Aw no, the 23rd. But close!! Hah thanks for reading my journal a lot =]] and happy belated birthday

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I'm glad you had a good

I'm glad you had a good birthday- happy birthday (belatedly).

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Birthday's are always a

Birthday's are always a great day =)

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Good to hear you had a good one :]

Happy Birthday for when it was! DIY tees are the shit! hehe