My day

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My ex Jesse can be a handfull sometimes but thats "what" made her so unique and that she walks around like she's hottest girl u will ever see,which may or may not be true. But I tell u she can also act like a little kid. When I took her to the mall today she wanted to touch every little thing in every freakin store! We spent a good two hours just looking at stuff she didn't need,like oh say a $75 tshirt that she will never wear.

After pulling out of the mall I took her to get something to eat and since she loves my taste in food, I took her to the Mongolian Grill. She just kinda looked at me when I told her the food was raw(it is raw when u first get it). I told her u put what food u want in ur bowl and they cook it right in front of u. While we were waiting for our food a few of my friends came up, and then they joinned us. We all decided that a booth would be better than a table. But while we were sitting talking and enjoying our food my ex just feels the need to bring up her sexuality! Now I'm not saying she shouldn't since my friends were asking a bunch of questions, but why. I almost spit out my water.

And then the topic of how do we know each other came up from my friends, u know the usual one, "So how do u two know each other?" I said we went to school together! But no she couldn't just let that be it, she had to add that we were "SUPER" close in high school. She then,since she was sitting next to me,put her hand on my thigh under the table! I almost turned my plate over when I jumped up,I couldn't believe she did that and in public,so what if were in a booth,its public! And then in the midst of all this my friends just had to ask the one question I didn't want them to,"So we know Jesse's a lesbian, and we haven't seen u in years,so are u into girls?"(I start to choke on my rice noodles) My answer of course,no. Jesse then puts her hand on my knee and I jump,then ask to be excused!

After a horrible afternoon,I dropped her off at her cousins,which is where she will be living,and I hung out for a while. I thought we were past the whole lost in the moment crap,but I guess she isn't. I just sitting on her bed looking through a magazine,then she sits on the bed and points out a photo,then we both look up and the next thing I know,she is kissing me and I of course am bound to kiss her back(I have no control of myself when she's around) She reaches for her nearby remote and turns up the cd player(she's now on top of me). After about 2minutes my phone vibrates and I am more than happy to answer,it was located in my back pocket,but Jesse of course has my arms pinned(she is sooo aggressive) so I couldn't exactly answer it,she with her free hand takes my phone out of my pocket and throws it on the floor(MY NEW PHONE!) After that I get my mouth free to to ask shouldn't she be worried about her cousin coming home, and of course she says her cousins out for the night,(she probably planned this whole thing).

Then Jesse's sister walks in,and of course Jesse didn't get off me then. Her sister who is 16 walks in casually and walks out like its nothing new! I finally get my hands free long enough to push Jesse off me and grab my purse and storm the hell out of her room. I have got to stop kissing her,this whole heat of the moment stuff is going to get me in trouble. And not to mention that when I got in my car,she hops in the passenger seat as if I was gonna take her with me,and of course she leans over and kisses me and I can't help but kiss her back. Why is it that when Jesse kisses me, I can't help but kiss her back? Maybe its because I still care or that when I am kissed passionately I kiss back or that she still has the ability to control my every action! I know realize that I left my phone at her house. Great

Well that was my day and now its over, I miss my phone!