My mom has no gaydar

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Unless it's your extra flamboyant gay guy or your superbutch lesbian.

I came out to my mom yesterday. It was one of my goals for this year but then I decided that I'd like to be out to her for my birthday. Somehow we started talking about penises... well she did anyways. So that made me want to come out even more. Since she's going to order the season 4 pack of the L Word I showed her the season 3 recap that's at the beginning of episode 1 of season 4. I told her so that it was so she'd know what she was buying me. All she said after was...
"Wow, that looks like a lot of stories."
I just stared and made feeble attempts to say DON'T YOU GET IT?!
Instead I said, "You know this show is about lesbians. It's my favorite show."
She stared at me for a second then said, "Oooh!"
"Yeah, I'm gay."
I knew it wouldn't matter to her but I still felt awkward through the whole situation. (Not as awkward as when we were talking about penises though) She told me a story about a time when she worked at a movie theater and had no idea her manager was gay until she innocently asked, "Why, what's wrong with you?" When her manager was complaining that her mom was afraid she'd end up like this other woman (who I guess was her girlfriend and looked pretty butch.) So yeah, no gaydar for mom.
Unfortunately she said, "Yeah, your Dad might have a hard time with this and your brother too."
I have two younger brothers (one of which I plan to come out to soon and another one who makes a million gay jokes everyday, however I'm convinced that he may end up gay later on.
This morning she told me that she loves me for who I am and will always stand by me, so that was good : )


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Wel I´m glad it went well

Wel I´m glad it went well for you. My mum guessed about me but only grudgingly. In my family we still talk in only semi-ironic euphamisms (friend of Dorethy, good to his mother) when it comes to the gays and there´s not much room for subtley there either. Chalk it down to generation.

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I'm glad your mom took it

I'm glad your mom took it well; and woot to The L Word!

Good luck with the rest of your family.

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That's awesome! Good luck

That's awesome! Good luck with your brothers and your dad! I hope they take it as well as your mom did.
P.S. I love your avatar T&S=amazing
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