New Video - John Corvino on Homosexuality

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Hey guys!

I don't know what this guys credentials are, but he speaks at colleges. I suggest everyone put this video on their MySpace profiles (if you're out of course). I'd also encourage you to learn these arguments against all the points that homophobes try and throw at you.

This guy should make a video and it should be required viewing for all college freshmen. In fact, I'd like to see it shown in High Schools. We can only hope. Anyway, I suggest we do everything we can to get this video spread around to everyone we know. It's a great teaching tool.

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Brill video.Thanks for

Brill video.Thanks for posting.
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Wow, astounding. I've never

Wow, astounding. I've never heard of this guy before, but the video rocks. Seeing this definitely should be mandatory in colleges and high schools.

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John Corvino has a Ph.D. in philosophy... He teaches philos at .... some college..... and is one of the better known unknowns speaking about equality....

also... a more complete....thing.... of his credentials (sp?) can be found here