nostalgic settings and jones soda

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I just want to recall my yesterday. Mostly, it wasn't too great, but late afternoon swung 'round and time spent with C was the rewarding peak of the day.

Mommy's sick, so she sent me to care for her horse Billy. I went around evening since it's been scorching here, and took C with me. About an hour before I picked her up, she texted me saying "we're making pizza. What do you want on yours." I answered, and when I went to her house, pizza was made and ready to take up to the ranch with us. Along with it, was a Jones Soda, and my favorite kind--berry lemonade. C said she was glad she could find one for me, and I thought it was really sweet she went into the depths of her fridge to get me my favorite drink.

So at the ranch we take Billy out and let him roll in the arena, then chase him to get him to stretch his legs a little. Then a quick brush, and I decided to ride him bareback. I rode to the arena, and had C get on back with me.

The lighting was perfect at this time; the sun had barely taken place behind the mountains across the land conservancy from us, and an orangy glow dimly lit C's face. Oh, poetic. She's beautiful, and it's times like that that I realize it more. The first thing this moment of riding horseback at dusk reminded me of a young adults Thoroughbred Series books I used to read, and the particular one titled "Dylan's Choice." There's just a part in it where Christina and Dylan are riding his horse bareback and they're quite fond of one another. I loved that book, and so it made me love this moment. Even if I'd never read the book, I would've still loved C clinging to my waist on the back of a horse.

This is a brick in the plot. A concrete selection of time that prove evidence to my ponderings. It's slurred still, no doubt, for I'm young and this relationship is no more aged, but I really wonder all my meaning behind three cliche words. We pour them into eachothers eyes all the time, but I think we're beginning to solidify the structure. "I love you... and I mean it." So are we in, yet?


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awww! cutesy wutesy!

... but please refrain from comparing ur love-life to scenes in young-adult romance novels. u don't want to make me puke, do u? :-D
seriously tho... i've never ridden a horse in my life... in fact, i don't care much for horses in general... but horseback riding with a girl sounds very sweet (and HOT!) altho... i think motorcycle-riding with a special lady on the bike is more my style... i'm a city girl, yo!
take care babe, & good luck with ur girl! :o)