opinions, what do you think?

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I need to know what you guys think.

This girl feels she has to choose between being gay or straight. What do you think that means

This girl claims she is in love with her ex-girlfriend, but then the next day she is madly in love with a boy. She talks about this boy to her best friend allt the time, but hardly mentions the girl. She plays with the ex's feelings until the ex's girlfriend wants to kick her ass, yet she still plays with her feelings. What do you think?

she is confused, but doesn't say that. she is straight most days, but gay only when convenient for her. What do you think?


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I think this is like when people tell their therapist, "I have a friend who..."

My take:

Scenario #1: She doesn't believe in bisexuality and doesn't want to be gay. Straight is a comfortable option that is off the menu, but appealing.

Scenario #2: Internalized homophobia. OK with anything that reinforces the heterosexuality, but will only play games on the homo side.

Scenario #3: I think she's either bi every day, or gay every day with heterosexual comforting delusions. She is straight on no days.


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i get you..

This has happen to me before with the last grl i liked. In my opinion she's gay but scared to accept it..so she uses this suppose guy to cover up.or she might just want to experiment...w/e it is i hope for the best and dont worry everything has a solution :)

dont like, what you dont understand.