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So, I've had a fucking brilliant idea. Seriously, I'm a fucking genius!

Okay, so, my mom's the best. She's amazing. She's a teacher, and...she's the most amazing teacher. Seriously. Only recently have I really realised this, but she's a really incredible teacher.

For years she taught high school English, then decided to learn how to teach, and teach, reading. To high school students. I'd go with her to her classes in which she'd learn all this stuff about how to teach kids to read. She'd take 15 year olds who barely knew the alphabet, and teach them how to read at a sixth grade level in nine months. She'd take 17 year olds who's futures had pretty much nothing, and she gave them something.

Then, a few years ago, her school got a smaller budget, and her classes were cut. Her fucking amazing classes; the ones that did so much good, were cut. But they kept the sports program.

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that she's teaching first grade now, and still making a difference. She had a really bumpy start at her new school, five years ago, but she stuck with it. She wants to teach reading so much.

So, to my idea. She's agreed to sit down with me, and we're, well I'm, going to write down her story. I'm going to write down this incredible journy that she's been on to help people.

She said this to me today, when we were in the car, talking about it. "We all leave footprints on the world; this is how I chose to leave mine." I think I'm going to title the essay/story that I write "Footprints".

What do y'all think?


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thats really beautiful this

thats really beautiful this sounds so just amazing ur mom sounds amazing i think footprints is a perfect title.
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That sounds amazing. It

That sounds amazing. It makes me think of the inspirational movies where the hardworking teacher goes in and inspires all these kids who didn't care about school, except it's not fake. Keep us updated, will you?

(In other news, not all schools cut academics and keep sports. My school cut about 10 different sports AND 'retired' several amazing teachers. They're 'retiring' the experienced ones and hiring new recruits- apparently it's cheaper.)

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That sounds great! Your mom

That sounds great! Your mom is really, really cool. :)

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