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The opening of Rocky went very well actually. Amazing compared to what it was the day before (absolute crap). It was great. I'm excited to open with the other cast on Saturday.

I just finished this amazing book, "Every Visible Thing" by Lisa Carey. Check it out. Next is "Specials" by Scott Westerfeld because it finally came out in paperback. Psh. Damn them for having it come out in hardcover first.

I got on-stage for Spring Awakening for me and mama. BB 1 and 3. I'm pumped.

Hopefully my guidance counselor will get info for me about Long Island High School of the Arts (here on out referred to as "Boces" or "CAC"). I want to audition for the dance program. It's probably a good thing they changed the name because maybe now people won't assume you're stupid or have problems, especially confusing CAC (arts school) with CCA (emotionally disturbed and learning disables school). I hope I can get it. I hope if I do get it, my school district lets me go.

On that note, my school district finally got a new teachers contract (woohoo!). It's only been over 3 years. Whatevs, right?

Yom Kippur is on Friday/Saturday. We're supposed to have tech again for Rocky on Friday. Guess who's not going? Half the cast 'cause they're freakin' JEWISH! I mean...seriously.

I miss doing theater at school because of the people. I don't miss staying at school until 5:30 and I don't miss the director/teacher. BUT I love doing community theater. I also love dance class. And dancing.

So apparently there is a free Hair performance in the park (NYC) on Saturday. WHYYYYY??? Uch! I want to see it. It's not fair. I'm going to be praying and fasting and then (later on) dressing and dancing like a slut.

I should practice my haftorah for Yom Kippur actually. They only gave it to me because nobody else wanted it. I'm so glad my talents are appreciated at my synagogue. So glad.