Rocky Horror Opening

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Rocky Horror opens tonight. Uhh...we're not ready. Oh well. I'll have a good time. Even though my parents and family friends that have known me since I was two are going to be there. I'll sex it up.

I love Mallomars a lot. So yummy.

I'm ridiculously tired. I had rehearsal last night until 1:30 in the morning and then I had to get up at 7 to be in NJ allll day and now I have a midnight show.

Can we say caffeine?

Mmm. Good night.


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Lmao sounds like it'll be

Lmao sounds like it'll be great! I've never had a Mallomars before, what is it?! And no, I won't look it up myself when you can sex it up for me :) Good luck with Rocky Horror even though it's probably done now! Or it's probably never going to end for weeks, but whatever, have fun!

You're Amazing.

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A Mallomar is a cookie wafer

A Mallomar is a cookie wafer with a marshmallow on top covered in chocolate. With sex haha.

The opening was amazing, it was...astounding. We run until Halloween, I'm so excited!

Thank youuu